HERE life is sweet and filled to abundance with the attractions of Cape Town and the Western Cape.

Our Hotel in Cape Town has over 200 sophisticated en-suite bedrooms and suites, numerous holiday apartments, 14 conference venues, 3 world class restaurants and a magnificent Table Mountain view. It’s clear, Lagoon Beach Hotel is ultimate business and leisure hotel in the mother city.

About Cape Town and the Western Cape – an attraction unlike any other!



Here where whales frolic in rich turquoise coves, where adrenaline junkies launch themselves from one of the world’s highest commercial bungee jumps, where one hundred thousand brightly garbed minstrels joyously dance in a new year, where two mighty oceans embrace and greet, where fashion struts down catwalks that rival any in Paris and Milan, where majestic lions, leopards, buffalo, rhinos and elephants still roam, where runners from every corner of the globe compete in the world’s most scenic marathon, where a mountain shaped like a table casts its gentle protective shade over a multi-cultured nation, where a prison island hosted the world’s greatest liberation icon and where the finest wines are brewed.

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As a club member, you’ve got access to a selection of exciting benefits in the most spectacular setting. With nine conference facilities of various seating capacities, four world-class restaurants, four-star accommodation and direct beach access, We are the ultimate place to get together.

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